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New version of the 4 port USB converter

According to the feedback that i have received from the current Isolated 4 port USB to TTL UART,
I have started to design a different version of that project but more industrial friendly and supporting multiple protocols.
The new features are the following:

  • Plastic case with DIN support
  • USB B connector, more robust respect to the USB-C
  • Switch to enable or disable the LEDs
  • It’s possible to configure each port with different protocol, for example you can have 2 UART interfaces, one RS485 and one RS232.

There is a base board where is possible to connect different modules, each module has a different protocol and it’s fixed on the base board with a 3mm screw.

Base board
Base board with 4 modules mounted


Isolated UART Module

Simple module where the TX and RX pins are available
Same functionality of the current 4 port USB – UART converter but you need to give power to the UART side.

Isolated UART self powered

Same functionality of the Isolated UART module, with the difference that you don’t need to power the module, it contain an isolated DC/DC converter and with a switch it’s possible to choose the UART voltage level between 5V or 3.3V

Isolated RS422 – RS485

This module is compatible with the RS422 or the RS485 bus.
It’s based on the ADM2582E chip. It’s an isolated transceiver with an integrated DC/DC converter.
There are two switches on this module, one it’s used for select the RS485 or the RS422 interface, while the second one is used for enable the termination resistance.

Isolated RS232

This module provide an isolated RS232 interface.
It provide the TX and RX signal plus RTS and CTS .

3 thoughts on “New version of the 4 port USB converter

  1. Looks very good. Unfortunately I already bought the current version 😉
    But if you need some beta tester. Feel free to contact me.

  2. When will this be available and at what price (base and modules)

  3. Nice ist good for my solar in garden yard and the solar HAM repeater.
    I use for solar Victron.
    Need a Tester pls contact me

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