• I2C encoder customizer
    We have removed the products of the I2C encoder with the encoder and connector soldered, and we have added two new products: I2CEncoder V2.1 with soldered accessoryI2CEncoder Mini with soldered accessory Now you can choose several options of encoders, connectors and cables.You will thus receive the assembled boards ready to be used!  
  • RGB Encoder back in stock!
    After waiting almost 3 months, the RGB encoders are arrived! Two packages from Taiwan, for a 21Kg of encoders for a total of 3000pcs… Now i think we have enough encoders for a couple of years. Here a couple of images:
  • New product: RGB LED Ring
    The RGB LED Ring is an accessory of the rotary encoder. The shaft of the encoder can be insert in the center hole of the board. It support both the normal rotary encoder and the RGB encoder. There are 48 RGB LED disposed in a circle with a 40mm diameter. In total there is 144 […]

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