PCB Badge Holder v3


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What is it?

This is a badge holder for the card ID-1 made with 3 PCB attached together with 4 rivets. In the v3 the front and the back are different PCB, while the middle one is smaller with 2 teeth that block the badge inside. This badge holder is compatible with the card called ID-1, the common credit card size, with the dimension of 85.60 × 53.98 mm and thickness of 0.76 mm

The dimension are: 112 x 78mm

Why did you make it?

In the company where i work, we have a personal badge that we have to keep visible and we use it to open the office doors, like in most of the other companies.

After breaking my badge holder, i came up with the idea of make a badge holder with PCBs and also with a good looking graphics!


In the first version the PCBs are glued, in this new version the PCB are soldered! All the 3 pcb are 1mm thick. The middle one has also two teeth that can bend during the card insertion and make the badge stable inside. In the new version is possible to use the badge holder in vertical or horizontal way. In the previous version there was a trace loop around the badge window and it was a problem for the RFID reader. In the version 3 i have removed it making the badge more readable.