Isolated USB to TTL UART RS232


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The smallest USB to UART with isolation! Working at max 3 Mbaud and 5 to 1.8V

I was using a cheap USB serial converter, but sometimes they didn’t work correctly and I was losing time.
So we decided to design our own customized board, with only the essential pins and the possibility to work at 1.8V
With the galvanic isolation and the possibility to work at different logic levels according to the target voltage.

What makes it special?

Thanks to the digital isolator the computer and your target board are electrically isolated.

  • The noise coming from your computer doesn’t enter in your target board, this can be useful when you are working with sensible analog circuit.
  • This device is very helpful when your target project is not connected to ground.
  • The voltage levels of TX and RX are the same of your target board. This means that it doesn’t matter if your board is working at 5V or 3.3V or 1.8V, the logic levels are always correct!

Technical data

  • Original FTDI FT230X:  baud rates from 300 baud up to 3 Mbaud.
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and MAC.
  • Size of 40 x 13mm.
  • 3kVrms digital galvanic isolators
  • MAX12931BASA+ or ADUM121N1BRZ isolator
  • Working at 1.8V up to 5V.
  • Tested in a climatic chamber from -20°C up to 80°C
  • Power, TX and RX LEDs indicators
  • USB type-C connector
  • Optional transparent heat shrink sleeve
  • Optional pin header of JST XH connectors

You can order the board with different build options, with your chosen connectors pre-soldered on or left loose (you solder them on), and the board’s transparent heat-shrink sleeve shrunk on the board or loose in the packaging (you heat-shrink it on).



Name Description Direction Voltage level
+ Positive power supply Input 1.8V – 5V
Ground Input 0V
RX UART RX Input same of +
TX UART TX Output same of +