Isolated 4 port USB to TTL UART

This product has been discontinued


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What makes it special?

  • Each port has the digital isolator MAX12931BASA+. The computer and your target board are electrically isolated.
  • The 4 ports can work at different voltages and the ground is not in common.
  • The noise coming from your computer doesn’t enter in your target board, this can be useful when you are working with sensible analog circuit.
  • The voltage levels of TX and RX are the same of your target board. This means that it doesn’t matter if your board is working at 5V or 3.3V or 1.8V, the logic levels are always correct!

Technical data

  • Original Silicon Labs CP2108: Compatible with almost all the operating systems and capable of variety baud rates of 300 baud to 2 Mbaud
  • Size of 55 x 50mm.
  • The PC will see 4 different COM ports.
  • 3kVrms digital galvanic isolators
  • Each ports can work independently at 1.8V up to 5V.
  • Tested in a climatic chamber from -20°C up to 80°C
  • TX and RX LEDs indicators.
  • USB type-C connector
  • Standard 2.54mm 4 pins female header.
  • Protected by a transparent heat shrink sleeve.
  • Working under: Linux, Windows, Android and Mac OS.


NameDescriptionDirectionVoltage level
+Positive power supplyInput1.8V – 5V
RXUART RXinputsame of +
TXUART TXoutputsame of +