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I2C Encoder V2.1 is released!

One year ago we release the I2C encoder V2, now it is time to add some improvements!

We have made the I2C encoder V2.1, and the new features are the following:

Hardware changes:
  • Added the jumper SJ8 for enable the pull-up resistor in the I2C bus.
  • R1 and R2 are already soldered on the board with a 0402 footprint.
  • Changed the value of R3 and R4 with 42.2
  • Changed the value of R5 with 107
Firmware changes:
  • Added the gamma correction feature.
  • Added the unique code and the version registers.
  • Added the possibility to enable/disable the I2C clock stretch.
  • Added and extra delay after the detection of the double-push.
  • Added the possibility to count absolute or relative steps
  • Decreased by the 33% of the power consumption.
  • Changed the default value of ISTEP from 1 to 0.

Check here for more details!

Of course all the source file are available onĀ GitHub

The board is available on Tindie!