• New version of the 4 port USB converter
    According to the feedback that i have received from the current Isolated 4 port USB to TTL UART, I have started to design a different version of that project but more industrial friendly and supporting multiple protocols. The new features are the following: Plastic case with DIN support USB B connector, more robust respect to… Read more: New version of the 4 port USB converter
  • I2C encoder customizer
    We have removed the products of the I2C encoder with the encoder and connector soldered, and we have added two new products: I2CEncoder V2.1 with soldered accessoryI2CEncoder Mini with soldered accessory Now you can choose several options of encoders, connectors and cables.You will thus receive the assembled boards ready to be used!  
  • RGB Encoder back in stock!
    After waiting almost 3 months, the RGB encoders are arrived! Two packages from Taiwan, for a 21Kg of encoders for a total of 3000pcs… Now i think we have enough encoders for a couple of years. Here a couple of images:

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