• New product: RGB LED Ring
    The RGB LED Ring is an accessory of the rotary encoder. The shaft of the encoder can be insert in the center hole of the board. It support both the normal rotary encoder and the RGB encoder. There are 48 RGB LED disposed in a circle with a 40mm diameter. In total there is 144 […]
  • New product: I2C Encoder Mini
    I2C Encoder Mini is mini version of our best selling product! It is a small board where you can use a rotary encoder with a I2C bus. This can be useful in case you have few GPIO because with 3 pins you can control up to 127 devices. The I2C Encoder Mini will count and […]
  • Bride Badge
    What it is and its story We have married at May 6, 2018. Since we both of us are Electronic Engineers, we had decided to make these Bride Badges to attach on Wedding favors we had prepared to each wedding guests as a gift. The badge has 2 touch pads, 18 micro RGB LEDs and […]

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